Build confidence in knowing HOW

to prepare for athletic success

Learn the secrets of athletic health and performance. There are fundamental habits athletes need in order to succeed in their sport. From widely known basics of nutrition, to little known tricks of soft tissue mobilization, this course covers it all!



Athlete 101 is a health science elective course designed for 6th-12th grade athletes of any sport. The curriculum introduces the students to the concepts and habits necessary to establish healthy foundations for athletic success.

The course is broken up into six sessions with a 15-20 minute video lecture, accompanying worksheet and homework assignments to participate with the course material.

Course activities are practical applications for the athlete to measure where they are and how to make plans to develop as an athlete

Six Self-Paced Sessions for Youth

1. Intro to Foundations of Athletic Performance

Learn the framework which explains the foundational components that support athletic skill and athleticism. Most people only see what is above the surface and don't know the key components needed to support great athletic achievement.

2. Mindset of an Athlete

Discover and develop the mindset which will lead you towards success, and discover the thought patterns we have which work against our success.

3. The Four Basics

There are 4 basic foundations which need to be in place in order for the rest of the body to function properly. Learn what these are and how to monitor and develop them as a young athlete.

5. Five Pillars of Athletic Health (Part 2)

Learn what the 5 Pillars of Athletic Health are and how they can be developed to sustain the athleticism and athletic skill.

4. Five Pillars of Athletic Health (Part 1)

Learn what the 5 Pillars of Athletic Health are and how they can be developed to sustain the athleticism and athletic skill.

6. Preparing for Athletic Activity

Learn how to put it all together and prepare for your season and sport activity in a way which will set you up for success.




  • 6 Video Lectures
  • Session Worksheets
  • Homework Assignments

Know how to prepare for life-long health in sports

What You'll Learn

Upon completion of the course students should be able to do the following:


Identify the components necessary to support athletic skill and athleticism.


Understand how to develop an abundance mindset as the foundation of their performance and development.


Understand the basic needs their bodies have for sleep, hydration, correct posture and healthy structure.

Understand fundamentals of nutrition and be able to track what nutritional intake they are providing their bodies.

Understand how to measure their cardiovascular fitness and the importance this plays in their athletic health and performance.


Understand the necessity for full mobility and flexibility in their body to provide a foundation for athletic performance.


Understand how and when to work on basic strengthening to create a foundation for athletic health and performance.


Understand the essential habit of self-soft tissue mobilization for soft tissue health.

Demonstrate knowledge of basic periodization of their training and sports participation and the need for periods of rest.